Why ServiceNow Facilities Management is Top Software by Gartner

Sep 27, 2022

Why ServiceNow Facilities Management is Top Software by Gartner

When you need software to streamline your facilities management and operations, you don't want to settle for anything less than the best – especially regarding safety, security, and cleanliness. This is why Gartner recognizes the ServiceNow suite as one of its Cool Vendors in Facilities Management Software. With Gartner's stamp of approval on our top-rated software, you can rest assured that ServiceNow will help you with all of your facilities management and operations needs and questions, whatever they may be.

Promotes Safety and Security

There are many benefits to using the latest technology for facilities management. One advantage is that it will help you improve safety and security for your employees. With a system like ServiceNow, it's easier to know where someone is at any given time, limiting the number of incidents in your facility. You'll also improve your ability to track and respond to potential threats with real-time information. Additionally, facilities management software can integrate directly with fire alarm systems so that you can get alerts about them when they go off and make sure that the right people are notified of emergencies as soon as possible.

Customer Experience

ServiceNow empowers building operators with up-to-date information about how assets are operating. It also provides real-time analytics on when to take action or plan ahead. This enables service organizations to improve user experience and increase their customer satisfaction rates through better maintenance and repair services. Employees can focus more time on core tasks rather than wasting time collecting data from disparate sources.

Process Automation

ServiceNow has been recognized as a leader in the industry for its innovative approach to process automation. It has mastered the art of automating the most time-consuming and complicated tasks, so you can spend more time on what's important: managing your business. With intuitive tools and collaborative features, you'll be able to spend less time completing tedious tasks that don't require human intervention, like configuring assets or updating work orders. That way, you will save money and create an efficient workflow that allows your employees to do more with less effort.

Promotes Growth and Innovation

ServiceNow's latest facility management offering, ServiceNow FMS (Facilities Management System), is not just another software product. It includes a suite of powerful modules to manage any facility and its assets while also providing the ability to grow and innovate as needs change. This scalable solution offers an intuitive interface, comprehensive reporting, data security, and integration with other systems such as SAP, Oracle, and Cisco. And with 24/7 support from skilled experts who know the industry inside and out, it's hard to go wrong with ServiceNow.

Compliance, Governance, and Risk Management

ServiceNow's enterprise-wide solution integrates a wide range of business processes, including service and incident management, change management, configuration management, and problem and knowledge management. It provides customers with an integrated global view of their entire IT environment.

ServiceNow's platform has been designed to scale on-demand to support the needs of the largest enterprise organizations. Customers can achieve this level of scalability by leveraging ServiceNow as a complete ERP system that manages both transactional and analytical data in real-time. With integrations to more than 100 different third-party applications, customers can connect all systems into one common operating picture, making meeting today's compliance requirements and future regulations easier.


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