Apr 07, 2019

How many enterprise software do you have operating in your company right now? If the answer is more than 1, you’re probably not doing it right.

Over the last decade as technology has advanced, companies have invested heavily in technology. Organizations have added IT systems as and when market needs required them to. However, over time, the complexity of these systems lacking integration has caught up with many. As legacy systems become dated, business leaders stuck in such a position have found it harder to keep up ongoing maintenance with much increased costs. This has somewhat forced CEOs and CIOs to revisit their IT strategy. Focus has increased on consolidating IT infrastructure that increases responsiveness, decreases costs, and improves performance.

Enterprise IT service management (ITSM) software like ServiceNow can help you identify all duplicated or incompatible or outdated IT infrastructure, applications and services. Thereby, allowing you to consolidate all required and necessary applications, services and other resources under one umbrella and getting rid of the deadwood. Properly implemented ITSM software and tools provide a universal interface to multiple resources and tools allowing for faster adoption, increased collaboration, lower costs and higher ROI.  

How to consolidate data records with ITSM?

A good starting point to begin your consolidation efforts is through your IT infrastructure. Since IT today is a pivotal part of any business success, your infrastructure becomes more important to allow IT to deliver value. Because robust ITSM tools like ServiceNow ITSM can integrate with other business operations such as HR service delivery, customer service management, etc.; any improvement in efficiency and effectiveness of IT infrastructure can therefore be easily replicated for the other business functions. Below we list a 3-step process on how to get started with IT consolidation.

Step-1) Assess existing IT environment

Understand and build business cases for your requirements. Assign business values to each application, resource or service to be consolidated and do a comparison review. This will help you assess your current IT environment and decide what you want to keep and what not.

Step-2) Remove what you don’t need

Based on the findings of the previous step, take the decision to drop the elements, applications and resources that deliver none or very little business value. This will help you focus better on consolidating your crucial resources.  

Step-3) Consolidate

After step-2, you should have a list of applications you want to be consolidated, prioritized by their business value and impact on operations. Depending upon your business and industry specific needs, the prioritization process may differ. If you choose to consolidate on a world-class ITSM suite like ServiceNow, you get benefits like:

  • Support for both ITSM and business resources and applications consolidation
  • Support from a leading platform already known as a market leader, making investment votes easier to get in the boardroom
  • Cloud-based platform that provides integrated support for multiple consolidation-enabling tools like workflows, domain separation, access controls, permissions, etc.
  • Integration with multiple applications and information sources and up-to-date with modern standards
  • Includes pre-built templates for consolidation jobs that minimize time-to-success
  • Enables quick and easy application development
  • Includes best-in-class security and fault tolerance capabilities

Optimal consolidation of IT and business resources has significant business benefits for your company like eliminating redundancies, weeding out incompatibilities, and driving down associated hardware and software maintenance costs. ITSM also allows more consistent and efficient service delivery through well managed IT assets.

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