What Research Says About Dell Boomi for IFS Applications ERP

Jan 06, 2021

What Research Says About Dell Boomi for

IFS Applications ERP

Boomi is a cloud integration service provider with a wide range of cloud integration solutions for fast-paced and digitally-powered business environments. Boomi offers solutions that make the integration of systems, data, and apps seamless and equips organizations for maximum productivity. 

As a market leader, Boomi's solutions are aimed at the best outcomes. Research into Boomi has provided insights into how well the organization, backed by Dell, is adapted for maximum productivity.

The Connected Business, a survey report on business integration and connectivity, has highlighted Boomi's role in the industry and what users stand to benefit from. Research indicated a general increase in the adoption of cloud-based integration platform as a service solution, in line with a similar trend in cloud applications deployment. 

Exactly 900 IT decision-makers participated in the survey that provided important insights into the entire industry, as the role of Boomi in it. 

Positive impacts were associated with the application of integrations platforms like Dell Boomi, within an average period of 12 months by 88% of the survey participants. In 12 months of applying integration solutions, study respondents estimated growth of 11% or $544 million.  

Survey respondents noted the cost-saving benefits of integration platforms, stating that businesses can save an average of $3 million because of the application of an integration platform. 

Integration platforms can improve the ease of business operations. According to 81% of the survey participants, with the right integration solution, their businesses' performance can improve significantly.

Dell Boomi, like other integration solutions, equips organizations for maximum productivity. With integration platforms, businesses can improve their competitive advantage. Seventy-four percent of the participants in the study agreed that effective integration solutions could make them more competitive. 

With solutions that equip businesses to perform excellently in the fast-paced environments available, businesses that do not apply them stand to lose out to businesses that do. Businesses can be poorly adapted for productivity because they do not apply integration platforms. Poor integration platforms could also limit the productivity of organizations.

 Findings from the survey indicated that about 87% of organizations had applied substandard integration solutions. Those organizations suffered significant losses as a result, in the form of high costs and delays. Organizations also directly lost business opportunities because of the application of poor integration tools. 

Organizations are limited in their abilities to create integration solutions, as suggested by the survey findings. Findings indicated that about 64% of organizations struggle with the development of legacy middleware. The survey also indicated that about 40% of organizations also struggle with the development of integration solutions. 

As an industry leader, Dell Boomi maintains a position to significantly influence organizations' productivity, flexibility, and profitability. Decision-makers across the tech industry have highlighted the importance of integrated solutions to businesses. 

The benefits of Dell Boomi to organizations who have IFS Applications ERP.  Boomi also offers solutions that equip organizations for efficient workflows. In conclusion, the figures gotten from the research indicated that integration platforms are a necessity for organizations who use IFS Applications ERP software.


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