Top 10 facts about facilities management

Sep 28, 2022

Top 10 facts about facilities management

Facilities management provides support services to companies and employees and helps ensure their success and safety. It's up to facilities managers to decide what kind of furniture and equipment needs to be in the office, how to maintain that equipment, where it should be placed, etc. Here are ten interesting facts about facilities management that many people may not know about.

1. Managed services will cost more than doing it yourself

Services like janitorial, landscaping, and pest control may seem unnecessary, but they're worth the money. When you outsource these services, you can focus on what your company does best without worrying about who's coming in to do maintenance at night or who will clean up a mess. Plus, you will always know what to expect when it comes to pricing because it will be included in your service agreement.

2. Optimized operations help achieve your KPIs

Operational excellence can help organizations achieve their key performance indicators (KPIs) by improving efficiency and cutting costs. This includes several cost-saving measures, such as optimizing energy consumption. You can also see savings from maintenance optimization or even how outsourcing labor could benefit your organization in the long run. No matter what you do, there is one thing that is certain: Facility managers are the ones who have to make it happen.

3. Staff is the key to operational efficiency

Facilities managers are often the first point of contact for any organization. They have an in-depth understanding of the building, so they can help you determine what's best for your business. While most companies consider their staff the most valuable asset, a good facility manager can be just as important to a company's success.

4. Maintenance Reduces Repair Cost

Maintenance is a critical component of facilities management. Allowing your building to deteriorate will lead to more time and money spent on repairs. This can be avoided by simply performing regular preventative maintenance tasks such as lubricating moving parts, changing filters, cleaning up debris, and exercising equipment. These tasks are often completed during planned maintenance visits and inspections at least annually or semi-annually.

5. The best facilities management software enables you to grow faster

Are you interested in boosting your bottom line? If so, it is important to know that the best FM software enables you to grow faster. With ServiceNow, for instance, your business can be more productive, collaborate better, and do more with less. That is why this system is a boon for small and midsize organizations.

6) Facilities management process automation can lower costs by 60%

Facilities Management is critical to any organization's success, but it is also one of the most expensive lines on a budget. This is where process automation becomes such an invaluable tool. Not only does ServiceNow enable organizations to improve their efficiency by streamlining manual processes and eliminating redundant tasks, but it also reduces costs by up to 60%. And with our proven ROI model, these savings can be realized quickly and easily.

7) Operational transparency creates trust with your clients and peers

Operational transparency helps generate confidence in your clients and peers. They can better understand how to work with you and what to expect by understanding how you operate. Clients will feel more comfortable investing in long-term projects, knowing they are entering into a partnership with a partner that is committed to the success of their business.


8) SMAC trends support increased performance via automation, apps, and cloud computing

Facilities managers, or FM professionals, are responsible for the operation and maintenance of buildings. They are vital to any business's success as they ensure it runs smoothly. Facilities management professionals must have key information at their fingertips to manage buildings effectively.


9) FM companies have better support and service offerings than most internal teams

Facilities management companies have better support and service offerings than most internal teams. They can provide a single point of contact; they offer additional services such as security, landscaping, and snow removal. FM companies also have an established vendor network to get the best rates on equipment and supplies. Lastly, FM companies are more in tune with the latest technology, so they can use advanced monitoring systems to keep buildings running efficiently.


10) Energy consumption will increase exponentially in the coming years

As business operations become more reliant on technology and the world population continues to grow, energy consumption will increase exponentially in the coming years. The world is projected to consume 35% more energy in 2030 than in 2015. In addition, new technologies are emerging, which will further contribute to this growth. We must meet these growing needs without adding undue pressure on natural resources and causing harm to the environment. That's why facility managers must be proactive in approaching their buildings' energy use now and into the future.


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