Tips to Eliminate Service Outages & Keep Your Business Running

Sep 28, 2017

As much as the threat of hackers and use of ransomware, DDoS attacks are a real thing that you should be taking guard against, the truth is that most service outages are caused by internal employee errors. A 2015 Gartner study found that 80% of outages are caused by employee and internal process related issues. Here, we list some best practices that everyone can implement to further increase their chances of surviving a service outage.

Best Ways to Decrease Internal Human Error

  1. Constant Monitoring and Reviews: Internal checks that are put in place with constant monitoring to regularly check for discrepancies in processes can help eliminate errors.
  2. Simplify Changes During Implementation: Whether you're implementing an upgrade or a new application, it's a good idea to break down the whole process into manageable chunks based on the size of your workforce. Smaller bits will encourage more thorough examinations and decrease your chances of missing an error in review.
  3. Back-Ups: In addition to having storage back-ups, you should also try to opt for a back-up ISP. Ideally, this provider should be located in a geographically different location to your primary provider. You can opt for a lower speed than your primary, but if you're wondering whether you should opt for a secondary provider, you should consider the costs of a service outage in comparison too.
  4. Keep Up Communication: Start communicating with your customers as soon as possible. If you get back partially, keep informing them of the status of the recovery.

Best Ways to Decrease External Attacks

  1. Beef Up Security: Running up-to-date licensed products with the latest security patches and optimizing your firewall settings are a good way of protecting against most external attacks.
  2. Constant Monitoring: Regularly checking your firewall for glitches or inconsistencies, as well as things like bandwidth utilization, is a good way to keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary.
  3. Delegate Responsibility: Allowing employees to take ownership of their duties empowers them and increases their accountability. Training them on security measures can be helpful too.

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