The Value in Understanding the Utilization of Your ServiceNow License

Jun 13, 2017

As a licensee, ServiceNow allows you to gain full visibility into the utilization of many aspects of your organization. You can monitor resource management performance metrics, discover resource utilization, and create reports on availability and allocations. While you're all wrapped up in the handful of reports that ServiceNow offers, you may be ignoring how well you're actually utilizing ServiceNow itself.

Are you getting the most out of your license? Is there more that can be offered? While the capabilities of ServiceNow continue to expand, there may be several ways you’re missing out on everything it has to offer.

Download: Top 3 Underutilized ServiceNow Tools You Should be Using

With any technology platform, it’s important to get an annual checkup—just like taking your car to get a routine oil change. Although everything may seem to be running well, you never really know if there's an issue until you pop open the hood.

The same goes for your technology platform. It's essential to look into what new features and benefits your platform has to offer as well as how well it’s being utilized inside your organization. You may find that your teams are adopting the platform exceptionally well and that you’re utilizing everything it has to offer. On the contrary, you may discover you’re late on getting an upgrade that can transform the operational efficiencies of one of your processes or that there are some serious adoption issues inside your organization.

There's no question that ServiceNow incorporates tools that can support every department within your organization, but it may be time to see if you’re ready to explore new modules. At ProV, our ServiceNow experts are the best mechanics when it comes to helping you discover and maximize the utilization of ServiceNow at your organization.

Oftentimes, having a third party "take a look under your hood" is exactly what you need to determine what the future of your ServiceNow license has in store for your organization. For this reason, we’re offering a free ServiceNow utilization assessment with one of our in-house experts to gauge whether your existing ServiceNow license is fully optimized, or if there’s room for improvement. We want to ensure that you’re taking full advantage of everything ServiceNow has to offer, in the way that best suits your organization.

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