The unbelievable financial savings you can expect from upgrading to IFS Cloud

Apr 18, 2022

The unbelievable financial savings you can expect from upgrading to IFS Cloud



Cloud-based ERP software has proven to be more cost-effective than on-premise ERP systems, and the savings are in acquisition and ongoing costs. This guide will cover 6 unbelievable financial savings you can expect from upgrading to IFS Cloud, along with specific examples of what you can save by making the switch.

1) Improved security

With IFS cloud technology, your database is replicated multiple times in multiple physical locations. If one database centre is lost due to a natural disaster or malicious attack, your data remains safe and protected. In addition, data backups are automatically maintained. 


2) Data loss protection

Saved data is lost data—that is why your company needs a cloud backup solution like IFS Cloud. Not only does it help keep your critical files safe, but it also helps mitigate against ransomware attacks and accidental deletions, not to mention reducing network security threats. 

3) Easier audits and compliance reporting

If your firm is having difficulty keeping up with monthly audits, it's time for a system upgrade. The new compliance-reporting feature in IFS Cloud makes it easy for users to gather their annual financial data and generate custom reports for their clients. This feature also simplifies end-of-year tax reporting by centralizing all data into one place. 

4) All IFS solutions are cloud-based

There is no longer a requirement for on-premise software or expensive hardware, which allows clients greater flexibility in using their software. You are free to work wherever and whenever you like, and data will always be safe. IFS Cloud also provides outstanding global network infrastructure, ensuring high uptime and speed for all users worldwide. 

2) Better support for complex businesses

Many business owners can use IFS Cloud standard tools and functionality successfully. IFS Cloud offers significant benefits such as faster data availability and easy scalability, so they don't have to worry about IT issues impacting their ability to keep up with financial activities or be exposed to fraud risks.

3) Online meetings instead of travel

If your company relies on travelling salespeople or has out-of-town customers, business travel expenses—including airfare, lodging, and food—can amount to tens of thousands of dollars per year. IFS Cloud offers online meeting tools, a less expensive alternative that lets you collaborate with those who need to meet face-to-face. 


When you upgrade your inventory system with IFS Cloud, it isn't just about a simple conversion of data and a few basic changes, but it totally changes how your whole company does business. With IFS Cloud, every step is designed for maximum efficiency and ease of use. IFS Cloud is constantly being updated and redesigned so that they are always easy to use. 

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