ProV Welcomes You to IFS World Conference 2019

Sep 30, 2019

IFS is a global applications company that delivers enterprise software for clients around the world. IFS Applications is used extensively by manufacturing and distributing companies that help build and maintain assets as well as manage service-focused operations. IFS is a recognized leader and has a team of 3,700 employees and a world-class ecosystem of partners that support more than 10,000 customers globally.

ProV is a multiple award-winning partner of IFS. We are a global Managed Service Provider (MSP), headquartered in Tampa, Florida, US. We also have offices in India, The Philippines, Germany and Brazil. We offer world-class managed services for the cloud including customized methodologies for faster implementations, customizations, upgrade help and much more.

ProV is so excited to announce that we have been selected as a Finalist for the Partner of the year 2019 (Enterprise) Award! We hope to see you soon at IFS WoCo 2019 between October 7-10, 2019! Visit us at Booth #34!

Why Visit ProV at IFS WoCo 2019?

ProV offers extensive services for IFS products and customizations including IFS Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), IFS Field Service Management (FSM) and IFS Managed Services. ProV’s team of experts connect the human and digital experience. ProV is a global MSP that helps you streamline business processes, increase service quality and maximize workplace productivity. Our customized solutions provide our clients with reduced administrative complexity and empower the workforce. Our collaborative team helps build digitally transforming platforms with design and implementation support for your long-term goals.

What else to expect at the IFS WoCo 2019?

IFS puts on a stacked event each year for its annual summit. This year the event is being held at Boston, USA. The conference will include events such as:

1) Main Hall Sessions: 2019 IFS WoCo’s main hall content focuses on new technologies that will be disruptive in the future. You will learn how to use IFS technologies to unlock inspiration and challenge your business imagination.

2) Break-out Sessions: Break-out sessions at the event will provide opportunities for you to learn from experts. You can learn from the best in your industry and technology field. Every break-out session has something of value to add.

3) Agility Theatre: IFS WoCo’s Agility Theater helps you get short deep dives that shine a spotlight on illuminating success stories with brilliant presentations. To the point exhibitions deliver razor-sharp lessons that you can put into practice the moment the curtain rises.

4) Training Day: You can get more value from your IFS solution if you understand your IFS solution’s capabilities better. IFS WoCo’s ever-popular Training Day helps you understand and challenges you to be better!

Hope to see you at the action-packed IFS event from October 7-10, 2019 in Boston. Another reminder, ProV will be available for consultation and support at Booth #34 all of the days. Hope to see you there! For more information you can Contact Us here!

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