IFS Applications Will Change the Manufacturing Industry for the Better

Jun 15, 2019

Manufacturing companies have a unique set of challenges that they must overcome to be successful. If you’re the CEO or CIO of a manufacturing company, you might be wary of the various issues you may face such as material and spare part shortages, which can greatly disrupt the flow of your operations. Other challenges like monitoring inventory performance, keeping up service levels, reducing lead times, decreasing waste or related expenses are all issues that can derail a manufacturing operation.

Therefore, manufacturing companies need enterprise software that allows them to be agile and evolve over time to ensure a good ROI.  IFS, the global applications company, provides best-in-class enterprise software for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Field Service Management (FSM), EOI and ESM. IFS is recognized as a leader by Gartner for ERP and FSM Applications. IFS has also garnered a good reputation within the manufacturing industry because of specific advantages that it provides for global companies that manufacture and distribute goods or maintain assets and manage service-focused operations.

IFS Features for Manufacturing

IFS has over 25 years of experience serving the manufacturing industry. The IFS Cloud ERP software provides best-in-class domain-specific solutions for manufacturing like: 

  • Engineer-To-Order (ETO) 
  • Configure-To-Order (CTO) 
  • Make-To-Order (MTO) 
  • Make-To-Stock (MTS) 
  • Make-To-Forecast (MTF) 
  • Batch Processing
  • Engineer-Procure-Construct (Product Lifecycle Manufacturing) 

Industry-Specific Features Within Manufacturing

IFS Applications also uses its extensive portfolio of manufacturer expertise with customized solutions for: 

1) Automotive Manufacturing 

IFS Applications for Automotive Manufacturing provides support for design integration, demand and supply chain management, production, and sales and after-sales services. IFS ERP for automotive manufacturing also provides integration with the IFS Financials and IFS Human Resources modules, and provides support for Kanban. 

2) Discrete Manufacturing 

IFS Applications for Discrete Manufacturing helps with product design, aftermarket parts, and service contracting for various manufacturing modes like ETO, CTO, etc. 

3) Food and Beverage  

The food and beverage manufacturing industry are particularly volatile as regulations surrounding food keep changing. These manufacturers often face the pressure to comply with various measures surrounding the labeling of the amounts of fats, salts, and sugars contained in the ingredients lists of their foods. They also have to keep production costs in check and ensure that lead times are low. IFS Applications 10 provides complete visibility of all manufacturing and supply chain related processes and provides the focused functionality they need to ensure their success.  

4) Life Sciences 

Pharmaceutical and animal product manufacturers also deal with strict regulations from organizations like the FDA and MHRA. IFS Applications 10 helps businesses stay on top of compliance measures using its broad scope of resources and deep functionalities.

5) Chemical Manufacturing 

Chemical manufacturing is complicated, with its multiple processes, precise formulae, hazardous raw materials and the myriad of regulations that need to be complied with. IFS Applications helps you comply with domestic and international regulations like REACH, TSCA, and CSIA

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