How will IFS Application 10 save me money

Jan 29, 2020


IFS stands for Industrial and Financial systems. It is an ERP software i.e., Enterprise Resource Planning, and is explicitly designed to provide software solutions to the company that you own or are working in. It has been created to assist different companies and organizations in accessing the latest technologies, IoT i.e., the internet of things, and it also acts as a wireframe that can help businesses transform digitally. There are various IFS application upgrades available, but the latest of them all is the IFS 10.

The IFS features are quite extensive, and each feature is the main reason why IFS applications save money that can be utilized somewhere else within the business. The most crucial reason why and how IFS application can help in saving money are listed below:

1. AI (Artificial Intelligence)

The latest IFS 10 application has IFS Aurena that allows businesses to interact with various natural languages either through voice or text. The tool of artificial intelligence allows companies to utilize advanced machine learning techniques in a productive manner. Furthermore, the application can easily be integrated with social media applications like Facebook, Skype, etc. No need to use separate applications for keeping a record of the data and the daily attendance of the employees.

2. Flexible and Easy to Use

The IFS application gives users the power to decide the mode they wish to use. Every business or organization can select whether they want to access the cloud as a managed service, Software-as-a-service (SaaS), or if they want to have it on the premise.

3. IFS Aurena

The feature IFS Aurena is the AI or artificial intelligence tool that offers a browser-based user interface to its users. It helps in engaging the employees to the extent that they can increase the overall level of productivity. Natural language queries can easily be automated, along with carrying out simple transactions and taking employee attendance on a regular basis.

4. Effective Production Management

The features offered by the IFS application can boost productivity by ensuring effective production management. Companies can keep a check on their quality and sales management, defect elimination, and batch balancing through IFS. The manual labor that was previously employed to carry out such tasks can either be removed, or their services can be utilized for

some other job. The production management feature is present in the latest IFS application upgrade i.e., IFS 10.

5. Well-defined Projects

It helps businesses to organize the data, information, and components of a project in a well-defined manner. Employees can easily extract the information they need by utilizing the features available. A flexible work plan can also be created with the help of its production process feature, which also helps in ensuring the smooth flow and maintenance of the documents.

IFS applications are here to revolutionize the entire process of running a business, and the way it can help save money is by replacing manual labor with its quality controlled features. What was previously being done by an employee can easily be executed in just a single click.

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