How To Manage Your Facilities Management Requests With ServiceNow

Sep 28, 2022

How To Manage Your Facilities Management Requests With ServiceNow

Businesses of all sizes use ServiceNow to build and manage service-oriented processes. One such process is facilities management, which covers everything from maintenance to cleaning to installations to outfitting new offices or locations with furniture and supplies. Here are some essential tips for working with ServiceNow to ensure you have the best possible experience managing your facilities management requests.

Managing Maintenance Requests

ServiceNow is a web-based service platform that has a WFM integration package available. There are many options for configuring how you use these integrations and ensuring that they work well for you and your team. The maintenance requesting extension allows you to build out a structured maintenance request process in just minutes, which saves both time and the frustration of using paper and mail.

Uploading Documents

You can use the Workplace-delivery feature in ServiceNow for managing your facilities management requests. This workflow saves time when you need to update, assign or check the status of a request. With this post, you'll learn how Workplace-delivery automates these tasks so that employees can focus on running their day-to-day business rather than dealing with requesting an HVAC repair.

Logging Work Orders

Work orders are recorded in ServiceNow and can be created based on the urgency of the request, when it is received, or by a person who has permission for the task. Work order categories can be created if needed, and incidents are assigned according to priority and urgency. This process streamlines work order administration, allowing administrators to plan their time efficiently. Work orders can also be assigned to members as a task – this not only streamlines administrative duties but also allows flexibility in assigning work.

Setting Up Automated Workflows

Workplace-delivery services can greatly simplify and improve how workspaces are managed. One of the first steps is to define a clear scope for what should be delivered: workplace delivery includes furniture, AV, cleaning services, catering, and specialized installations (specialized environment treatments or complete redesigns). The following steps would include defining who or what types of employees could request this type of service, who will be granted these types of delivery requests, and those created by IT personnel. Next, you would determine whether an employee's request must come from their manager or if it's more efficient for them to initiate the request themselves.

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