How ServiceNow Workplace Service Delivery helps Facilities Management Companies Succeed

Sep 28, 2022

How ServiceNow Workplace Service Delivery helps Facilities Management Companies Succeed

Understanding the importance of workplace service delivery is the first step to becoming an effective facilities manager. For those who have yet to receive this kind of education, ServiceNow provides excellent materials and knowledge that help both large and small organizations better understand their customers' needs and how to meet them. To ensure that your company's needs are being met on every level, check out our guide on how ServiceNow's Workplace-delivery can help facilities management companies succeed.

Provides a safe working environment

A safe working environment is a major concern for companies in the commercial property management sector, and staying compliant with regulations is an ongoing battle. For example, Office building owners must keep their elevators safe and sanitary. On a typical day, they might do rounds of inspections every four hours. With ServiceNow Workplace Service Delivery, these rounds can be automated, so facility managers never miss an inspection again -plus, they stay on top of compliance with regulations like the fire code or ANSI standards too! This way, even if people don't show up for work on certain days (because of the snowstorm, for instance), work gets done without skipping a beat.

Simplifies reservations with self-service

Facilities managers often feel bogged down by the unending string of service requests from staff members, making their days much more stressful than they should be. A new app called Service Now Workplace Delivery can simplify this process for everyone involved. Employees can make their reservations about fixing things such as a broken printer or a jammed photocopier with a simple swipe. The service request is then automatically added to the work queue and is not just waiting until the facilities manager logs into the system at their convenience.

Streamline invoicing

Invoicing is a significant business activity for any business, from large corporations down to the smallest firms. Invoicing is one of the most important items in business management: you invoice your customers (and get paid) for work done or for products sold. To run an efficient and cost-effective company, you have to know what you charge—but getting it right is not easy because it means knowing every detail of your costs and activities while at the same time trying to make your invoices easy to understand so that customers pay on time.

Welcome guests with a seamless check-in process

Whether you're leasing commercial office spaces, providing conference rooms to host events, staffing buildings overnight for maintenance, monitoring your employees' work hours, or providing security services at an event site, it can be hard for facilities managers to keep up with everything. But through an easy-to-use workplace delivery app that lets them schedule staff and manages work orders from anywhere, ServiceNow ensures that all of these needs are met seamlessly.

Tracks and manages space lifecycle

With Workplace-delivery, you can track the lifecycle of an assigned space from desk move to lease expiration date. And since we have your client's best interests in mind at all times, you'll receive detailed feedback on the impacts of any changes you make in your workplace with one click and won't be charged fees for every action on every individual client/or building.

Automate important business processes

Facilities management is a complex and often costly challenge. With many buildings, plants, and schools to manage, it cannot be easy to provide the necessary level of service. The time-consuming manual work of maintenance personnel in buildings and other environments costs organizations billions of dollars each year in wasted time, energy, and money that could have been saved with a smarter, more efficient system.

That's why implementing the ServiceNow Workplace Service Delivery platform for your facilities management process has never been more critical than now. Automated actions for routine tasks through our integrated applications remove the need for technicians to stop what they're doing when their phone rings or walk into a building to perform tasks like switching on lights or making repairs on machines like HVAC equipment.

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