May 01, 2019

What is ITSM?

Information Technology Service Management or IT Service Management refers to the streamlining of various aspects of an IT environment (sometimes, beyond IT too) within a business. It refers to all aspects of IT including planning, support, security, infrastructure and delivery. IT Service Management is process-based and uses standards like ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library). Beyond a technical definition, IT Service Management in a nutshell, is the use of a group of systems and processes that helps organizations improve the way IT is used.

What is the need for ITSM?

IT Service Management is not just about making sure your IT department meets its goals and ensuring everyone in your office has a working pc and network. Most traditional forms of IT management, focused on maintaining hardware and software using ‘break-fix’ methodologies. ITSM instead provides well-organized services that promote better business continuity and also increases customer satisfaction. This is why many companies depend on effective ITSM to deliver services to their clients.


What is ITIL?

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a set of best practices frameworks. The IT Infrastructure Library has gone through several iterations since its inception. The framework mostly deals with various best practices, processes, and stages within the IT lifecycle. ITIL is used by companies to provide a systematic approach to IT Service Management (ITSM). Through streamlined processes you can better manage the business or IT risks, improve customer loyalties, and also save money.

If IT Service Management software is viewed by companies as a means of delivering services to its customers, ITIL is the best practices framework to follow to achieve optimum results. ITIL is one of the most commonly used frameworks for ITSM. ITIL has been adopted by many technology providers, such as ServiceNow.  ITIL and ITSM work together best to meet the needs of a business. A company might decide which aspects of ITIL to adopt. For example, some organizations might only adopt incident management processes for operations, while others can build their entire IT strategy using ITIL.

How ITSM and ITIL Can Help Your Business?

Tools like ServiceNow ITSM help your organization to digitally transform your IT and service delivery using modern service delivery methodologies on a powerful enterprise cloud suite. The ServiceNow ITSM platform is a robust tool for ITIL processes and can help you decrease cost, increase business agility, cut risks, and encourage IT innovation. ServiceNow is a global leader in cloud enterprise software for business automation.

What are a few benefits of implementing ServiceNow ITSM? If you implement ServiceNow for your business, you get: a ‘best-in-class’ cloud, top-notch security, codeless configuration, unified system of records, mobile app support, dedicated setup guides, real-time dashboards and benchmarking tools. In addition, if you choose to do so, you can extend the capabilities of the NOW platform to streamline other departments such as HR Service Delivery, Customer Service Management, etc.

ServiceNow has a range of ITSM tools that can improve your various business functions. Some of their best and most popular tools are:

ServiceNow Incident Management

ServiceNow Incident Management is used by companies to streamline restoration procedures after an unplanned outage. Outages can cost you millions in damages and liabilities. Using the NOW platform, you get access to a service portal and also automatic incident routing with multiple communication channels.  

ServiceNow Change Management and Release Management

ServiceNow Change Management and Release Management decrease your costs and risks of changes with features like an intuitive change calendar, dynamic risk calculator, impact analysis, etc. You also get access to a ServiceNow Change Advisory Board (CAB), that simplifies CAB meetings and lets you change managers easily.

ServiceNow Knowledge Management

ServiceNow Knowledge Management helps your IT department search related articles faster to solve customer issues faster. This also allows your employees to look up information on topics themselves and learn.

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