How IFS And ProV Are Paving A New Way To Build Tomorrow's Business Today

Apr 05, 2022

How IFS And ProV Are Paving A New Way To Build Tomorrow's Business Today

One of the biggest reasons why companies are struggling to compete in today’s business landscape is because they do not fully understand what consumers want. Thus, they may be able to develop their products, but these products end up being too ahead of the curve and fail to capture a sufficient audience.

Luckily, emerging trends can help you build up your products so that they meet consumer demands more easily and with more efficiency than ever before. Let’s take a look at 5 ways IFS and ProV are paving the way for tomorrow’s business today.

1) A sophisticated platform

IFS Cloud is a truly disruptive platform that allows you to manage your business better, faster, easier and more cheaply than ever before. Built around drag-and-drop simplicity (with mobile capabilities), this application unleashes huge productivity gains for companies of all sizes by harnessing emerging technologies like big data analytics, cloud computing and social media integration. It is fully customizable so that you can make it your own while accessing all online experts, who can help you get up and running in no time.

2) Not just software but also services

Traditionally, software is something that people buy for consumption. But with software as a service (SaaS), businesses rent software, rather than own it outright; it allows firms that might not have been able to afford or justify buying their own systems in-house to still reap their benefits without having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars upfront. IFS Cloud’s suite is designed so customers can run everything from business analytics and accounting, to supply chain management, right through until financial trading—all within one platform at a fraction of the cost compared with buying each system separately on premises.

3) Open-source software

Open-source software is any software that can be modified, used, and redistributed by anyone in any company or organization—free of charge. This differs from traditionally licensed programs, which may be limited in terms of how many copies may be used or who within an organization can use them. Open-source platforms like IFS Cloud create collaborative communities around product development and support that streamline technology adoption in organizations while freeing up budget dollars for other needs.

4) Analytics and visualizations

When it comes to making informed decisions, your organization can only benefit from being armed with data. ProV and IFS Cloud give you instant insight into which jobs are complete versus those that still need actioning – providing you with peace of mind knowing where each individual stands on their respective job so you can set out an appropriate follow-up plan based on what works best for you or your team.


Businesses thrive when they focus on what is important. Today, IT is less about hardware and more about software—what it takes to run a smooth operation versus simply keeping lights on. For businesses seeking a more innovative approach to operations, IFS Cloud and ProV is just all you need to streamline processes and optimize tasks.

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