How Dell Boomi is Improving the Way IFS Applications ERP works

Jan 06, 2021

How Dell Boomi is Improving the Way

IFS Applications ERP works

Dell Boomi is a provider of a multi-purpose Platform as a Service (PaaS). The goal of Boomi is to make work environments more efficient, intuitive, and responsive. IFS applications are deployed in a lot of business environments to automate specific and routine processes. Typically, IFS applications are built according to the requirement of the organization. Since Dell Boomi provides solutions for integrating processes, databases, and other elements, and IFS applications are one of these elements, a direct connection could be established. In this article, we highlight how Dell Boomi can influence IFS applications ERP.


Enhanced productivity

Enhanced productivity is guaranteed from the combination of IFS applications ERP and Dell Boomi. This comes from the seamless integration that Dell Boomi offers. Dell Boomi is an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) provider. The platform has built-in integration connectors with which seamless integration can be achieved. The wide range of connectors available on Dell Boomi includes those for IFS applications. To make the direct connection between IFS applications ERP and Dell Boomi, Dell Boomi makes it easy for other solutions to be connected with IFS applications ERP. Dell Boomi has 200 pre-built connectors, which drive state-of-the-art connectivity of IFS applications ERP. 


Reduced development time

Dell Boomi has features aimed at minimal development time. The reduced development time comes from the minimal to no coding required to build solutions with Dell Boomi, which directly reduces the development time of IFS applications ERP.  IFS applications ERP can be built in little to no time because of the available pre-built and pre-configured components. 

Advanced development

Dell Boomi equips developers to create a wide range of IFS applications ERP which include simple solutions as well as complex ones. Boomi Flow has a wide range of capabilities that are available as API. Developers can apply APIs seamlessly to build both simple and complex solutions. The ability of developments to create complex solutions with ease using Dell Boomi is also related to the access to Git repositories and the entire API ecosystem. That way, they can integrate a wide variety of endpoints as well as manipulate data at will.


Distributed architecture

The architectural compatibility of Dell Boomi is impressive. Users can easily integrate IFS applications to any architecture with Dell Boomi. This means that, with Dell Boomi, users can integrate IFS applications ERP across all kinds of environments, from on-premises environments to multi-cloud environments.  Dell Boomi's distributed architecture guarantees low latency and high performance. The automatic integration of IFS applications ERP is also achievable with Dell Boomi. 



Dell Boomi is changing IFS applications ERP directly by empowering users for scalability. Dell Boomi is suitable for simple as well as complex solutions. As organizations grow, their needs are properly covered by Dell Boomi.  When organizations apply IFS applications ERP, major concern is scalability, Dell Boomi provides a unified platform that guarantees scalability and maximum productivity. 

Finally, Dell Boomi is changing the use of IFS applications ERP in so many ways. As stated above, it also empowers users to apply IFS applications maximally.


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