Apr 03, 2019

If your IT service management (ITSM) environment goes too far out of date, it can quickly turn into a liability. This is because ITSM processes are heavily dependent on complete, correct, and current data availability to support operations and aid in decision making. Inefficient ITSM equals handicapping any technology dependent company as it will be unable to manage both its infrastructure and its service delivery.

Service Now’s IT service management solution helps companies out of the rut. ServiceNow has the potential to change the nature of your day-to-day operations into more streamlined methodologies. ServiceNow can increase productivity, reduce IT issue resolution times, streamline operations with automation where possible, and even solve HR issues. But what about the numbers?


Forrester Consulting and ServiceNow conducted a Total Economic Impact study of ServiceNow implementation to find out the numbers. Here, we list some of the key findings from the study and aim to answer how ServiceNow ITSM can help with your bottom-line.

1) ServiceNow can increase your productivity

According to the study, ServiceNow increased IT productivity by up to 20%. How? This is because ServiceNow can help you centralize all your IT assets, automate redundant processes where required, and integrate processes within your ecosystem that drastically reduces the number of incidents or touch points required to jump through. Self-service alone was found to reduce 66% of monthly service incidents.

2) ServiceNow can decrease your IT outages

Service outages are significantly expensive affairs. A few minutes of outage can cost your company hundreds of thousands of dollars. ServiceNow was found to reduce IT outages by upto 25%, and reduce recovery times required by up to 50%.

3) ServiceNow can help you deliver business applications faster

Out-of-date systems and native codes are morale killers for all developers. They slow down all development progress. ServiceNow was found to accelerate business application development by 290%, mostly by leveraging code reusability and out-of-the-box integrations.

4) ServiceNow helps you improve customer service

One of the key performance indicators (KPIs) of a good customer service is by gauging its Net Promoter Score (NPS) and CSAT scores. ServiceNow helped companies gain up to a 10-point increase in their NPS, and bettered CSAT scores by 6%. This was possible as ServiceNow better equips your customer service agents to resolve issues on the first-go by providing them all the information they need. Teams can also share data easily and promotes immediate action.  

5) ServiceNow helps you improve HR service delivery

Inefficient HR departments often spend lots of valuable time on mundane repetitive administrative tasks. The lack of centralized information, lack of self-service, and lack of automation problems in HR was solved by ServiceNow. This allowed HR personnel to focus more of strategic activities and according to the study HR cases were down by 50% as a result.

The net result of the study? ServiceNow delivered a near 195% rate of interest (ROI) after successful implementation. Ready to reap similar ROI from your ServiceNow investment? Give us a call at ProV!

ServiceNow is unlike any other service management tools or legacy systems. ServiceNow helps automate IT and generate business revenue. ProV are long-term partners for ServiceNow products and services and offer a wide range of services that help manage your employees, productivity and compliances better so you get the most out of your investment each time. To get started on your effective ITSM journey, take our FREE Consultation today!

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