8 Things the Best Field Organizations Do to Win Big Business

Jul 13, 2020

Wondering how your service company can compete with top field organizations and win big business? While it is normal to envy the success of these organizations, the good news is that you can reproduce the same results if you know what they do to achieve that level of success. The truth is that winning big is more than opening your doors and waiting for clients to appearHere are 8 things the best field organizations do to win big business. 

  1. Personalize your service

One of the best tactics that the best field organizations employ is to personalize their service. Business is more than just putting out a product and hoping that clients will love it instantly. If you want to win big business, you must learn to customize your service and products to suit your clients by figuring what they need and make an irresistible offer.  

  1. Differentiate your offerings 

A great way to improve field service is to find out what makes you stand out from the competition and leverage it. In other words, take a close look at what the competition is doing so you can differentiate your offerings. No one will be keen on doing business with your company if you seem to be doing the same thing every other company in your niche does. Be an organization that does one thing exceptionally well.  

  1. Have clear and effective communication 

Managing a field service team can be complex but good and clear communication between team members can contribute to the overall success of the organization. One of the ways to enhance communication is to establish an open-door policy that boosts trust and encourages everyone on the team to make contributions so there can be free flow of information and feedback throughout the organization.  

  1. Deliver lightning-fast

A critical aspect of field service excellence is the ability to deliver in good time. The simple truth is that not everyone is willing to wait, even if they’re dealing with a popular field service organization. The best field service organizations recognize this fact, which is why they strive to respond quickly and deliver great results as quick as they can 

  1. Be seen everywhere 

Your field service company may have some of the best employees in the industry and may offer superb services, but all of that will be of no value if your company lacks the needed exposure. Big field service organizations typically advertise on TV or on billboards, and you can do the same. Even if you have a lean budget, there are still things that you can do to stand out, like meeting potential clients one-on-one and sitting down for coffee with them.  

  1. Service availability 

One of the factors that contributes to the success of big field organizations is service availability. In other words, the equipment and network must be able to perform their agreed function when required. There is a correlation between service availability and customer satisfaction and the big players in the industry are aware of this, and that is why they strive to keep service availability incredibly high 

  1. Offer your service at a discount 

Before you discard this idea, it’s important you note that you are not offering a discount for no reason. You can offer your service at a discount in exchange for a detailed study of the benefit of your services or in-depth testimonial so you can easily build trust with prospective clients. It will help increase exposure, build trust and give you bonus points on credibility.  

  1. Use an enterprise suite 

IFS Applications is a global ERP package that can grow and change with a business, so you never have to worry about switching to a new product. Being a component-oriented package, you can apply the modules step-by-step based on your priorities in business. Also, IFS applications can help you anticipate changes in technology so you can always be a step ahead of the competition.  


If you are looking for tips for field service operations improvement, the eight points above can help expand and grow your business. Still unsure of how your business can stand out. Request a free consultation


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