7 Ways To Use Intelligent Infrastructure To Your Advantage

Dec 26, 2018

Most organizations today are dependent on IT to provide ‘mission-critical’ business services. As such, the technology must be able to engage customers for customer satisfaction, automate processes for seamless service deliveryprovide scope for innovation, and get useful insights into your performance. Complicated legacy systems can’t keep up with these demandsUsing multiple disparate IT systems to manage your business can prove to be disastrous and lead to outages that cost you time and money.  

IT operations can become maligned with infrastructure events like server or network failures, and customer complaints about long response times without a proper management framework in place. Some intelligent IT operations management (ITOM) platforms like ServiceNow with machine learning and self-healing infrastructure can help you gain visibility, health, and optimization for your services. Here, we list 7 ways having an intelligent infrastructure platform can help your business.  

1) Automated Service Mapping 

 Many IT vendors help create service maps that give your employees more visibility over your applications, databases, servers, and other components of your IT environment. However, just building these service maps isn’t enough. For them to be useful, service maps need to be updated in real-time and contain accurate information. This is simply not possible if done manually as it may take weeks of effort for your staff to build these service maps. Tools like ServiceNow automatically map your services and infrastructureand provides an up-to-date and accurate service context for better insights. 

2) Intelligent Service Analytics 

 After creating a service-aware service map, the best ITOM tools with machine learning applications continuously track the health of your service. Using advanced analytics, you can quickly drill down into the root cause of your service delivery issues 

3) Power Integration Capabilities 

Integration capabilities are often what separates the good and the ‘best’ ITOM tools. The better your existing tools can integrate with your solution, the less you have to spend on constantly upgrading and replacing your systems. ServiceNow has you covered in this regard with out-of-the-box integrations with a host of leading applications viz. Nagios, Splunk, SolarWinds, HP Operations Manager, Microsoft SCOM, IBM Netcool, VMware, Amazon CloudWatch, and much more.  

4) Smart Event Management 

Robust ITOM tools can learn AI (artificial intelligence) and help group events into actionable insights. Using deduplication and rationalization from multiple sourcesServiceNow can correlate multiple events into a single alert, filter out specific events and deal with events intelligently for your benefit.  

5) Change Management 

ITOM tools can see and predict changes on service health and show them to users on an intuitive dashboard. Bringing together change and event data in one place, ServiceNow can detect a change and also look for its equivalent change request or creates one according to the situation. This helps your project managers to always stay on top of planned changes.  

6) Incident Correlation  

Using valuable diagnostic information and additional insights from ITOM specialist platforms allow your employees to gain more visibility over incidents and correlate them with user reports and event information. Utilizing historical data to quickly identify and solve issues along with driving continuous improvement.  

7) Cloud Machine Learning 

Complex IT environments today are dependent on high-quality cloud services to ensure speed and quality of delivery. Intelligent cloud-first platforms with AI like ServiceNow can improve your cloud utilization, reduce risks, reduce costs and also help on governance and compliance of support cloud environments for infrastructure.  

The first step towards your company’s digital transformation journey must begin with an intelligent infrastructure capable of delivering your services in a fruitful way that gives your customers what they want, help you save on operating cost, and also reduce the risk of downtime. Tired of being stuck with an ageing infrastructure that is getting you nowhere?  

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