5 Ways Boomi Drastically Reduces IFS Applications ERP Development Time

Nov 15, 2020

5 Ways Boomi Drastically Reduces IFS Applications ERP Development Time


Boomi is a renowned integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) vendor that helps organizations accelerate their business results by making it easier to link their data, systems, applications, processes and people. Besides being an integration platform, Boomi is also a low-code automation application development tool. Boomi Flow, a service capability of Boomi, allows developers to build custom apps without the need to write codes and supports the automation of business workflows. By eliminating coding Boomi drastically reduced application development time by weeks or months, and this also applies to enterprise software like IFS ERP. Keep reading to find out how. 

API architecture 

One of the most crucial components of a low-code development platform is its architecture. Boomi Flow uses an open architectural stack based on REST APIs which allows developers to tap into the platform at various levels using their language of choice: Java, C#, Ruby, NodeJS, etc. It also offers an extensive library of integration connectors that minimize the need for coding when integrating with common applications such as Salesforce, IFS and so on. Boomi's API-first architecture increases the flexibility for replacing, improving and extending application services. 

Requirements Gathering

Regardless of whether developers are using a low-code platform or a traditional development environment, to successfully build an app, gathering requirements is an essential first step. 

Boomi recognizes that developers will have their own requirements gathering and analysis tools or may even create specialized custom tools. That's why Boomi Flow, doesn't recreate a requirements management system. Instead, it works with whatever tools are in place, including those already built into Flow applications. Developers can also gather requirements as part of a flow and invoke Flow APIs to bring them into a requirements tool. This kind of openness enables users to select best-of-breed apps for managing development processes. 

Model-Driven Development

Model-driven development replaces traditional methodologies with a drag-and-drop feature that allows developers to construct a model of the application using pre-built components. This model is transformed into an automated process at run time. The outcome becomes the same as if the application was executing a piece of code. Boomi Flow makes model-driven software development easy, thereby eliminating the need for coding. 

Advanced Development Tools 

As a low-code platform that can be employed to create applications from simple to complex, Boomi's core principle is to help its users develop the applications they want in the most intuitive way. Technically-savvy developers can interact with Flow by utilizing many of its capabilities via APIs, which are available directly within the platform. For developers creating advanced applications, Boomi's entire API ecosystem and Git repositories are at their fingertips for manipulating data and integrating to any endpoint. 

Pre-configured components:

Boomi Flow platform allows you to choose from a wide variety of pre-configured options and pre-made components to build applications fast, iteratively, and in an agile way. 


Enterprise applications such as IFS ERP are the heart and soul of every organization. Unfortunately, they are very sophisticated and challenging to develop. Largely because every enterprise has several custom applications specific to their business needs and all these applications need to talk to each other and seamlessly transfer data between them to ensure the effective functioning of that enterprise. As a unified and multi-purpose iPaaS cloud application platform, Boomi not only allows you to develop your IFS enterprise software with ease and speed, it also offers intelligent connectivity and integration solutions, allowing all your apps to interact. 


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