5 Tips for Success with ServiceNow Automation

Jun 03, 2019

For many companies like yours the goal to improve IT support and service delivery has transitioned into streamlining all processes with the intent of achieving digital transformation. ServiceNow, a global leader in enterprise cloud platforms, can help you get over your incoherent, often outdated legacy systems, applications, excel spreadsheets and manual documentation hassles through intelligent automation.

ServiceNow can automate handling requests and create self-service portals. It can even extend its functionality to CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or HR (Human Resources) procedures. Providing a single platform for contact, which increases visibility over all organizational processes, in turn helping streamline them.

How can you best take advantage of such a tool? Here are 5 ways you can prepare best for ServiceNow automation.

1). Implement in IT first

ServiceNow can automate many processes, not just ITSM. However, your initial focus on service management should always be to automate IT processes. Since IT is at the core of many organizations (probably, yours too!), this will allow your IT teams to gain experience. They can then start building capabilities for other departments to leverage. Involving IT early also helps create a reference for other stakeholders to understand the value of automation.

2). Start with High-Visibility Processes

It’s better to start with processes with high levels of awareness and that will require considerable time and effort. This way you give yourself the best chance of succeeding even if problems arise. You will have more time to plan a solution.

3). Cultivate a Culture of Coordination

Try to involve all key decision-makers and executives across the organization to help select which processes to automate.

4). Build Repeatable Processes

Try to create processes in such a way that you can extend these workflows to automate other similar processes. Since, this is about rapid automation, you do not want to get into the trap of repeating the creation of processes where they are not required.

5). Create robust ITIL knowledge

The ITIL, or Information Technology Infrastructure Library is at the core of the ServiceNow ITSM platform. You should send your staff to train on ITIL and basic IT Service Management principles to gain background knowledge for ServiceNow implementation.

As you start the journey of digital transformation through automation, you will find some processes will require specific stakeholders to participate, while others will require people with a particular skillset. Getting everyone involved and handling change management will also be challenges that you face.

If you feel overwhelmed with the prospect of a ServiceNow implementation, you can reach out to a ServiceNow partner like us here at ProV. With years of successful deployments under our belt, we understand what it takes to get to the most from your ServiceNow license. Want to learn more? Take our FREE Consultation today!


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