5 Reasons Your Company Needs to Host IFS Applications in the Cloud

Aug 24, 2020

Why host applications in the cloud you might ask. What is so special about cloud hosting your software? There are several reasons why cloud computing is increasingly widespread across companies in different industries. If your company has opted for IFS solutions, then your best bet is to get cloud management for IFS applications.  

Microsoft Azure supports the full suite of IFS Applications: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Enterprise Service Management (ESM) modules. So your company can host your IFS Applications in the cloud either as an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) where you will have to manage the IFS Applications yourselves or have IFS Applications hosted and managed as a service (SaaS). Here are five reasons your company needs to host IFS Applications in the cloud. 

Less Costs 

This is one of the key benefits of cloud hosting your softwareSelf-managing your IFS Applications in the cloud is quite expensive because of the need to buy the right equipment and hire professionals to manage it. Cloud management for IFS Applications allows you to pay for only the services used because of the nature of cloud services. Cloud service providers charge for their services based criteria like features, storage, users, time, and storage. This allows your company to pick an offering that it can afford, thus reducing the costs incurred. 


Cloud management for IFS Applications offers your company great flexibility as the IFS Applications cloud infrastructure affords your employees mobility and the flexibility to work wherever they are. This way, all your employees need to complete their tasks at home or from the field is a smart device and internet connectivity. Cloud hosting your software also allows your company to reduce the number of workstations since remote work can be done. 


Purchasing and keeping additional servers, storage, and licenses used to be the best way to prepare for business growth. It was not always the best method because sometimes the reserve resources were rendered redundant or unnecessary. That was before cloud computingWith cloud management for IFS Applications, you can get additional storage space or features whenever these resources become necessary. All your company needs to do is pay the extra costs, and your service provider immediately upgrades your package. 

Data Security 

The best way to store sensitive data is in the cloud because it is much safer than storing it on physical servers and data centers. With physical servers, all it takes is the slightest breach for sensitive company data to be compromisedCloud hosting your software allows your company to ensure data security because breaching security measures is incredibly difficult. 

Enhanced Collaboration 

One of your company’s business goals should be to boost employee efficiency. Leveraging IFS cloud infrastructure does this by enhancing collaboration among your employees. They can easily share data and collaborate regardless of where they are. Enhanced collaboration among employees also minimizes redundancy. 


As shown above, hosting IFS Applications in the cloud offers tons of benefits. It not only reduces operating costs but is flexible, highly scalable and secured. It does this all while enhancing collaboration among team members. Ready to learn more? Request a free consultation


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