5 Easy Ways to Enhance the Visibility of your IT Resources

Nov 23, 2018

Does your IT department spend more time ‘reacting’ to problems rather than ‘proactively’ identifying issues before they occur? If so, you are not alone. Problems in IT infrastructure tend to build up over time, but they only become evident when there’s an escalation, or an outage. Without proactive monitoring of your IT resources, it is near impossible to provide efficient and consistent service to your end-users.

This is why businesses turn to IT Operations Management (ITOM). Intuitive ITOM tools are a big benefit for both your IT and non-IT teams. It provides a centralized view of all your systems and it equips you with advanced data analytics. You also get real-time dashboards that detail the health of your infrastructure, security, assets, users, compliance measures and service delivery.

Whether you handle IT in-house, or outsource your infrastructure to a Managed Service Provider (MSP), ITOM tools offer a consolidated view of all your company’s IT assets with detailed management reports. Here are 5 ways ITOM tools enhance the visibility of your IT resources.

1) Mapping Out Your IT Environment

 The first step towards effective IT operations management is for you know what’s in your IT environment. How many routers, devices, switches and applications do you have? You need to know where each piece is physically located and how it connects with the rest of your business.

Modern ITOM solutions come loaded with mapping capabilities, to give you a complete 360-degree view of all your hardware and network components. Mapping allows you to identify pain-points to see when systems are operating normally and when they are down which ultimately facilitates better troubleshooting.

2) Determine Your Mission-Critical Systems

Organizations today run a complex IT environment with multiple dynamic parts, but not all devices are equally important. Do you know which devices are ‘mission-critical’ for your company?

For most businesses, losing a critical device, can result in an outage. Can your business survive without internet? Can you afford a massive hole in your service delivery?

It is imperative for you to know which devices and their associated downtime can cause operational failure. ITOM tools provide you with measurable metrics for your mission-critical devices and applications, so you know when a device fails or is failing.

3) Creating A Performance Baseline

 Do you know what your optimum device or network performance looks like? If you do not, you won't be able to improve it. Creating a baseline of suitable threshold ranges, allows you to strategically put in place measures to improve performance. It also cuts down on the chances of ‘false alarms’ during anticipated spikes in the usage levels of networks, or the scheduled maintenance of devices.

4) Automate IT

 Alerts and notifications are only helpful if they reach the right people at the right time. Top-of-the-line ITOM solutions like ServiceNow ITOM allow you to find the root cause of your IT infrastructure events and failures faster using advanced machine learning and AI-intelligence.

Intelligent event management features also allow you to correlate events and produce actionable alerts and insights. When combined you get a much reduced mean time to repairs (MTTR), and you can proactively eliminate service outages through pre-defined automated remediation.

5) Cloud Management

Most businesses today are dependent on the cloud, in some form or the other. Integrated ITOM tools can significantly increase your cloud utilization. By automating requests, and aiding in governance through continuous process improvements, you get a unified, transparent view of your cloud environments.

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