4 Ways End-To-End Enterprise Service Management (ESM) Will Benefit You

Feb 27, 2017

An ideal service management solution will work to benefit company executives, workers, and customers alike. Here we list some benefits of an end-to-end ESM suite, and how it would affect your key demographic and personnel.

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1) Benefits for Your Customers

  • Getting reports on all completed projects.
  • Online self-service task registration
  • Increased customer satisfaction and goodwill

2) Benefits for Your Employees

  • No more filling out tiresome paper reports
  • Convenient task scheduling with mobile app
  • Better structured daily work schedule with lunches and breaks considered
  • Decrease in travel time

3) Benefits for Your Project Managers

  • Automatic work order planning and allocation
  • Automated regular task scheduling
  • Real-time data on work progress, action plan and location of employee
  • Faster response time for calls
  • Increased work efficiency and report management

4) Benefits for Your Overall Business Operations

  • Central database, easily accessible by all employees
  • Analysis of activity clusters made possible
  • Decrease in drive time, and overtime for field employees
  • Better customer service.
  • Increase in transparency, decrease in fraudulent instances
  • Increased cash flows by encouraging efficiency


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