3 Ways IFS Applications helps Teams Deliver Superior Customer Experience

Mar 20, 2020

These days businesses are finding new ways to differentiate themselves from their competition. Many have elected to use their customer service experience as the factor that drives their long-term success. A majority of people no longer have blind brand loyalty as they believe that companies should work hard to deliver good customer experiences to earn their purchase. IFS Applications integrates all the important factors within a company to enhance customer experience and boost customer satisfaction levels. 

  1. IFS Applications helps teams deliver superior customer experiences with the help of its IFS customer engagement tool. It has all the features that are required by support centers to deliver the best customer service. Here are the three main features that allow IFS Applications 10 to do this: The voice self-service feature was built using Artificial Intelligence (AI). The AI technology offers its users a speech recognition feature, which means customers can easily complete various tasks like rescheduling an appointment or going through the appointment schedule. It is more of a self-service where customers can get answers to their queries without the hassle of repeatedly contacting the customer support department.
  2. The second feature of IFS Applications that can make the customer experience better is the concept of digital self-service. Digital self-service empowers all the users or customers in society to answer their queries through the website designed or operated by the company itself. It minimizes the burden on the IFS or FSM department along with making the entire process quite simple for the contact center. The contact center can invest more time and effort into ensuring that the levels of effective and efficient customer engagement are met under all circumstances. 
  3. Lastly, there is the customer engagement agent desktop. It ensures the delivery of a highly intuitive omnichannel experience. The agent desktop can be used by companies to integrate all IFS, FSM, and third-party applications together. The agents working on the desktop have access to all forms of customer communication, which includes emails, chats, calls, social media or simple messaging. 

These things allow customers to engage with companies in whatever way they see fit. The IFS Customer Engagement Applications are developed not only to meet the expectations of the customers but also to empower different companies to make the entire process of customer service delivery simple and hassle-free.  

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