3 Ways Cloud Hosting Infrastructure Can Help You Maintain IFS Applications

Aug 05, 2020

IFS Applications 10  is an agile, application suite that delivers Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Project Management and Supply Chain Management to its users. It is something of an all-in-one solution that offers industry-specific functionality and excellent user experience.  Little wonder it is one of the leading enterprise software solutions globally. 



IFS Applications 10 merges the latest technology with an understanding of industry trends like the Internet of Things (IoT), digital transformation and individualisation. This is why enterprises that use IFS Applications can leverage industry-specific functionality that is provided by a broad suite that caters to financials, human capital management and customer relationship management. They also have several options to choose from Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or IFS Managed Cloud or on-premise management. 


However, many enterprises have begun to exploit the benefits of cloud infrastructure; that is why they opt to host their IFS applications on the cloud. Hosting software has become a trend that is taking the tech world by storm because it is known to reduce risks, increase business agility and drive competitive advantage. Here are 3 ways that cloud hosting infrastructure can help you maintain IFS Applications: 


Access to automatic updates 


With managed cloud for IFS Applications, you get access to automatic updates for your IT solutions. This is one of the key benefits of hosting software in the cloud. Your cloud-service provider will ensure that the IT system will regularly be updated with cutting-edge technology like up-to-date versions of the IFS Application 10 or upgrade to servers and computer processing power. 

This helps you to maintain your IFS Applications because the IFS Applications can automatically refresh and update themselves. It makes maintaining your IFS ERP easier as the need for updates from the IT department that might span the enterprise is eliminated. 


Reduced Costs 


Cloud-hosting your IFS Applications reduces costs significantly. This way, you can buy and pay for the application license as a subscription while also enjoying the security and flexibility of the IFS Managed Cloud service. It becomes cheaper to maintain your IFS Applications since you use the resources afforded by the managed cloud service provider instead of purchasing expensive systems upgrades (hardware and software) for your company. You also eliminate costs like employee wages and energy costs. 


Regulation Compliance


One of the key benefits of cloud infrastructure is regulatory compliance. Your industry is run by a unique set of regulations and standards which greatly influence how your business processes are executed. When you fail to comply with regulations and compliance requirements, you are liable to attract fines that could impede your enterprise. Cloud-hosting ensures that you remain compliant. The managed cloud for IFS Applications comes with outstanding security capabilities that guarantee improved compliance. So you don’t have to worry about the resources need to stay compliant. 

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