3 Reasons Why IFS Application ERP is Perfect For Plastic Manufacturers

Oct 24, 2020

To meet the perpetual need to effectively increase output and optimize resource management in an ever-growing plastics manufacturing industry, many manufacturers opt for a robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. While there are numerous ERP systems out there, only the best, like IFS Applications, allow organizations to respond quickly to market changes and can be customized to companies' specific business needs. IFS' ERP solution allows resources to be used in a more agile way to achieve better business performance and a competitive advantage. Here are three reasons why IFS Applications is the best ERP for plastics manufacturers:


Unlike other ERP suites, IFS Applications is not complex or rigid. Instead, it is built to function within your processes and systems, maximizing your business's agility.

Its modular nature makes it unique and enables it to cater to all types of manufacturing industries' needs, from process to discrete manufacturing. According to various reports, IFS' Financial Services module can execute up to 98% of the functions associated with finance. At the same time, all its competitors stand at just 90%.

IFS Applications also fully supports all the necessary features to manufacture a product, whereas other competitors have managed to support only 82% of the manufacturing process.

Additionally, this ERP solution offers an unbeatable Human Resources Module, which distinguishes it from its competitors. While other ERP solutions encompass approximately 70% of the human resources department, IFS Applications has proven with time that it can cover almost 95% of the Human Resources Department.

The HR solution gives users the flexibility they need to manage and develop their workforce as their processes evolve: from essentials like time and expense allocation to performance management and talent development.

Efficient Documentation

Another essential feature of IFS ERP is that it helps organizations maintain a smooth and efficient flow of documents. Effective documentation is crucial as someone might have to refer back to it to make critical decisions in the future, saving money and time. Documentation can also help employees create a plan and, make the work planning system and timings extremely flexible for the workforce. Further, the project management tools ensure that all project aspects are recorded and organized. Thanks to IFS, users can easily keep a track record of all documents and data.

Designed for multi-mode manufacturing environments

As a service provider, IFS prides itself on staying informed. It keeps abreast with its manufacturing clients' needs and the broader trends affecting the global manufacturing space. Consequently, this software vendor has long identified the need for many manufacturers to operate seamlessly across multiple manufacturing modes. This can consist of engineer-to-order, make-to-order, make-to-stock, configure-to-order, batch processing, and engineer-procure-construct modes. Today, the increasing complexity, and demand for scalable operations and fast response times drive many manufacturers to switch among any of these modes.

IFS' ERP is designed with the necessary features, support levels, and seamless interactivity to operate with any combination of these various modes – or all of them.

IFS' ERP software is the perfect solution for manufacturing companies. It offers features that extend beyond customary ERP functionalities such as document management, project management, service management, quality control/quality management, customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities, and more.

We hope we answered many of your questions about IFS' ERP Solution. If you are ready to learn more request a free consultation today!


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