3 Reasons IFS Applications is the best Military Defense Software Solution

Apr 21, 2020

The introduction of IFS applications to the world has made many organizations realize the importance of integrating technology into their daily operations. Similarly, the military and defense sector of every country has also been looking for ways to help integrate their operations with industrial and financial system applications. As time passes, the military and defense organizations are becoming more dependent on a third party application or software solution as they offer help and assistance with production and delivering new equipment. So here are the three main reasons that we believe make IFS Applications the best military defense software solution. 

1. Soon the world will likely experience an increase in the undersea robotics market. Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) will become more commonplace over the next few years as they are needed for various military applications including: navigation, surveillance, maintenance, repair, inspection and communication. The need to monitor and safeguard different networks along with communication infrastructure has risen over the years. Non-state actors pose a great threat to maritime activities and shipping and the only way to control it is through robotic technology. IFS is cost effective and it can handle the coordination of complex tasks in an easy and quick manner.

2. The military and defense sector is no longer dependent on only military equipment, it has been integrating enterprise software as well. This helps strike a balance and utilize all sorts of benefits that the software has to offer. IFS Applications is well-equipped with tools like Enterprise Operational Intelligence (EOI). It can combine useful information and data from various sources into one database, which can help employees determine whether the goals of a particular mission have been met.

3. It can help the military and defense sector adopt policies that aid in cyber warfare. Historically, cyber security was never a concern for the military department but with time things are changing. The entire supply chain within the military weapon department needs to be connected as it is as vulnerable as any other operation that is being conducted in an organization. The old technology needs to be upgraded and integrated with the new technology like IFS Applications as this is the only way that new threats like cyber warfare can be controlled. As we are entering this new age, cyber-security is one of the biggest challenges that almost every organization will face in the near future.

With IFS Applications, the military can focus more on adopting strategies to control enemies rather than focusing on finding ways to manage important and useful information. IFS Applications can keep track of all the important data that can be used whenever it is needed.

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