10 Real Ways You Can Improve the Employee Experience

Nov 29, 2018

What are you doing to improve your employee experience? If your answer isn’t automation, it should be. According to a report by ADP, around 55% of employees surveyed want automation to replace repetitive aspects of their daily work. Just automating some of their tasks can greatly improve worker productivity. When rid of mundane and time-consuming tasks, your employees can focus better on growing your core business.

The best place to start your automation is IT. Investing in an Enterprise IT Service Management (ITSM) solution not only aids your IT department, but the benefits of ITSM also trickle down into other verticals across your business. Here are 10 ways that ITSM implementation can improve your employee experience.

1) Self-service

The best ITSM tools like ServiceNow make provisions for chatbots (virtual agents). These help your IT department provide immediate resolutions to repetitive issues in a conversational manner. Self-service gives your customers the rapid responses they need. It also frees up your IT team to focus on scaling your business.

2) Intelligent Routing

When an issue occurs, automated ITSM can help you automatically identify the kind of issue based on a user’s description. It then begins routing the issues to an agent best suited to solve it by using powerful machine learning techniques.

3) Employee Analytics

 Smart ITSM systems, when integrated with HR service delivery can wade through immense pools of data to pull out important insights about your employee performance.

4) Onboarding Success

 Did you know that even though 77% of new employees participate in an ‘on-boarding program’, only about 29% actually learn anything about their specific role during it? The numbers were revealed from a survey by BrilliantInk. Automation of HR processes using the employee on-boarding tools of integrated ITSM solutions helps you transform your on-boarding experience with better coordination and communication.

5) Incident Management and Problem Management

 How fast can your IT department restore your services after an unplanned interruption? ITSM solutions allow you to investigate the root cause of any incident through powerful monitoring and analytics features. Through ITSM, you better equip your team to resolve issues faster and enable continuous process improvements.

6) Change Management

 Effective change management controls put in place through ITSM negate your employees having to argue for change in board meetings. The effective evaluation of the risks and costs associated with IT or vertical changes greatly increases your business' agility. Your end user satisfaction also improves as a result.

7) Greater Availability

 A complete ITSM + ITOM solution with HR capabilities like ServiceNow provides you with comprehensive information on all your IT resources. This helps you keep downtime to a minimum, and lets you seamlessly provide IT resources like laptops, smartphones, applications, network access, etc. as and when required.

8) Request Management and Knowledge Management

 ITSM streamlines your service delivery, decreases costs, and automates workflows. Omni-channel communication made possible through IT service management helps your employees and customers make requests from their mobile devices. It can also be used to offer self-help and cross-functional updates across your business for your employees.

9) Service Level Management

By gaining an overview of your IT department's performance and service delivery numbers, you can proactively manage Service-Level-Agreements (SLAs). You can prioritize issues, check statuses, re-route issues, etc. when needed, ensuring optimum service delivery for your customers.

10) Measuring Benchmarks

ITSM solutions with built-in benchmarks allow you to have the best possible customer data at your fingertips. When you can continuously track and stay ahead of your KPIs, your business and employees are better equipped for long-term success.

Employees typically love to solve customer problems and innovate. Unfortunately, providing them with a platform that unleashes that creativity is easier said than done. That is unless, you have opted for a robust ITSM automation tool like ServiceNow.

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