10 FAQ's about Hosting IFS Applications in the Cloud

Aug 24, 2020

Hosting software in the cloud allows businesses to optimize their IFS Applications 10 enterprise software. Businesses that are looking to stay ahead of the curve opt for Managed Cloud for IFS Applications. However, many businesses are still not sure about what Managed Cloud for IFS applications entails and provides. Here are the answers to 10 frequently asked questions about hosting IFS applications in the cloud . 


What is the Cloud? 

This is often the first question asked by people that are not yet familiar with hosting software in the cloud. Cloud computing is a new way of providing computing resources to run websites or software applications. It often refers to resources stored or accessed off-site via the Internet.

What is IFS Applications? 

IFS Applications is a comprehensive software suite for ERP, EAM, FSM, MRO, Service Management and more. It is designed to optimize business operations regardless of the type of industry. It is an enterprise software suite that improves efficiency and provides a great user experience. 

What are the similarities between a hosted cloud application and on-premise application? 

The system for hosting  IFS Applications in the cloud is similar to that used for on-premise management of IFS Applications. The only difference being that with hosting IFS Applications in  the cloud,the software is installed and maintained at the vendor's facility, while it is installed at the client's location when it is an on-premise application. 

Why Should I Opt for IFS Applications?

IFS Applications merges cutting-edge technology with an appreciation of your industry to arrive at solutions that cater to industry trends using the Internet of Things, digital transformation, servitization, and individualization.  

Can I use mobile technology?

Yes. This is one of the benefits of cloud-hosted applications. Since these solutions are developed as both software solutions and services and apps, all you need to use mobile technology is a supported browser and an internet connection. 

Why is the cloud more expensive than my current solution? 

Managed Cloud for IFS Applications appears to be expensive, but upon careful review, it is known to be less expensive than on-premise management of IFS Applications. Using the most suitable deployment option can lead to up to a 40% savings. 

How often are updates performed?                                                              

Updates are performed regularly, although the specific frequency is dependent on the solution provided. The service provider of the hosting solution for IFS Applications is responsible for feature updates, enhancements, security and performance improvements. 

Is it possible to integrate data in the cloud with other systems on-premise? 

Yes. This is one of the benefits of cloud infrastructure. IFS Application 10 is an enterprise software with great integration capabilities. However, given the unique demands of each business, it is imperative that the capabilities of the hosting solution for IFS  applications be verified initially. 

What happens in the event of data center downtime? 

It is business as usual when hosting software in the cloud because most hosting solutions for IFS Applications have multiple data centers. So in the event of downtime at one center, other data centers will remain functional. It is rare for all the data centers to experience downtime at the same time. 

How does managed cloud for IFS Applications secure my data? 

Hosting software in the cloud affords your data layers of security. The caveat is that each cloud solution provider approaches data protection differently so you should speak to them in order to make the best decision for your business. 

We hope we answered many of your questions about IFS Managed Cloud. Hosting IFS Applications in the cloud offers many benefits. If you are ready to learn more request a free consultation today!


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